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Air handling unit with heat pump AHU DEX M

The microclimate in buildings is one of the most important factors for comfort of the occupants. In the premises with high level of humidity like indoor swimming pools and SPA centers the maintaining of proper temperature and precise humidity is highly significant.

An advantage of the air conditioning and ventilation systems is that they not only provide comfort and fresh air, but also prevent condensation on the inner surfaces and thereby preserve buildings structure and furnishing for long time.

TANGRA has extensive experience in the design of HVAC systems. It has two own factories, specialized HVAC laboratory, R&D department and well-trained professionals in the field of development, design, production and installation of ventilation equipment.


TANGRA company has rich experience in the design and production of HVAC units and systems. Production, Research and Development Department and HVAC Laboratorie are situated at more than 8000 sq.m. Well educated professionals are responsible to satisfy every specific HVAC need. Machines with extremely high precision and efficiency assure the high quality of the production.


Air handling units TANGRA AHU DEX M are designed to work in clean and non-explosive environment.

TANGRA AHU-DEX-M is modular air handling unit designed to work without additional outdoor unit. All components of the heat pump are incorporated (evaporator, condenser, compressor). As a standard the unit is delivered completely plug and play. The series is intended to treat air volumes between 2500 and 12000 m3/h.


Air handling units with heat pump module are used in the following ventilation and air conditioning installations:

    Commercial buildings
    Office and business buildings
    Indoor swimming pools
    Thermal and mineral baths
    Private swimming pools
    SPA centers


  • Schools and Universities
  • Car showroom and parks
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Swimming pools
  • Public buildings
  • Retail
  • Green buildings
  • Elements

  • Energy saving
  • Economical
  • Refrigeration
  • Type

  • Heat recovery
  • Heat pump
  • Mixing section
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Humidifying/Dehumidifying
  • Air handling unit with heat pump AHU DEX S

    TANGRA AHU-DEX-S is a range of modular air handling unit with incorporated direct expansion coils. The heat-pump is intended to work with external outdoor unit.

    Designed to provide maximum level of energy saving, the series is used for heating and cooling without additional external energy source.