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Modular air handling unit with heat recovery AHU REC

Modern buildings are designed to be airtight and almost sealed. In these conditions, the internal air becomes stale, humid, unpleasant and polluted.

At the same time, the ventilation through the windows is ineffective, because the incoming air is not properly circulated and condensation and pollutions are likely to remain in some of the premises. In terms of financial aspect, the bigger part of the heat from the premise is lost in the atmoshpere through the open windows and energy consumption is raised.

All these items place the mechanical ventilation into a leading role for all types of buildings. And what is more - there will be for many years to come, so it is worth to find effective solution to deliver clean, fresh air and cut down the energy consumption and expenses ate the same time.


Heat recovery ventilation is exceptionally profitable investment and has a pay-back period of approximately 1-3 years, depending on the running hours of the system and regional climate.


TANGRA company has rich experience in design and production of HVAC systems and solutions. Well educated professionals and machines with highprecision guarantee the high quality of production.


Double deck version AHU-REC is produced in 6 standard models for air volumes between 2500 and 25000 m3/h. It is possible to be produced units with different dimensions and bigger air volumes on request.


Supporting construction of AHU-REC consists of special aluminium profiles and corners.

Side panels are made of galvanized metal sheets with powder coating and thermal- and sound insulation. The panel thickness is 25 mm or 50 mm depending on the typesize of the unit and its place of installation (indoor or outdoor). Service and maintenanve covers are designed as doors or as removable panels with reamers.


The sections of every particualr AHU-REC may vary depending on the project and may include:

    Filter section with different class of filtration
    Recuperative section with ceross-flow heat exchanger with efficiency up to 65%. Plate type heat exchangers REC-AL/ REC-AL+ are designed for secondary (recuperation) usage of heat/ cold of the exhaust air or gas from ventilation, air-conditioning, drying and technological systems.They work in temperature range from -20о С up to 90о С.
    By-pass with motorized damper
    Mixing section with multiple leaf dampers
    Thermal section with heating and/or cooling coils
    Supply fan
    Exhaust fan
    Sound attenuation section
    Control and automation system


  • Schools and Universities
  • Car showroom and parks
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Public buildings
  • Retail
  • Green buildings
  • Elements

  • Energy saving
  • Economical
  • Type

  • Heat recovery
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Humidifying/Dehumidifying
  • Modular air handling unit with heat recovery AHU ROT

    Modular air handling units with heat recovery AHU-ROT are air handling units with Rotary Wheel Heat Exchanger - efficency up to 83%

    TANGRA AHU-ROTnseries has got a wide range of applications. Designed for indoor or outdoor installation, these machines can treat air volumes between 2500 and 25000 m3/h as a standard.

    Modifications on request of the customesr are also posiible.

    Modular air handling unit single deck AHU SD

    Tangra modular air handling units AHU-SD are designed on sectional principe, which makes their assembly, installation, transportation and maintenance very easy.

    AHU-SD units can be installed indoor aor outdoor and have wide range of applications.

    The series treat air volumes between 2500 and 49000 m3/h.