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Air conditioning units TANGRA ACU 3

The range of compact air-conditioning units is designed for supply fresh air in commercial and industrial buildings. The air flow is from 600 up to 5000 m3/h. The models are available in two versions - with direct driven fan motors or motors for belt drive operation. It is possible to integrate one or two "air-water" heat exchangers which could work in heating or/and cooling mode depending on the desired configuration and customers needs.

Energy saving heat recovery with air conditioning TANGRA EVB DEX

The systems for heat recovery with heat pump incorporated module TANGRA EVB DEX are designed for ventilation and air conditioning of houses, offices, commercial buildings, restaurants and disco clubs. Energy saving heat recovery air conditioning systems are compact units that do not need external piping or additional source of energy. The high level of efficiency and heat recovery are guaranteed by the two step of recuperation. The first step is passive heat recovery from plate heat exchanger TANGRA REC AL/AL+ and the secon step isthe incorporated heat pump module with inverter compresor and smooth regulation. The range covers air volume from 800m3/h. up to 2600m3/h. and external pressure 300Ра. The energy saving heat recovery units with air conditioning work with 100% fresh air up to -150С.